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About Wall Graphics

Any vertical surface can be covered with wall graphics: wall, hoarding, fencing, windows, and balustrades, can be enhanced with permanent or temporary wall graphics.

Fantastic for blocking out worksites, creating attention for a promotion, advertising a new store opening, creating a feature out of a boring space, even as a wallpaper, we have a solution for all uses.

Substrates include: self adhesives for permanent or temporary application, full coverage or cut out lettering, easy apply, low tack or supertack.

We can also use other substrates to cover walls.

Site inspection and measure up service is available and highly recommended for large format wall graphics.

Selby’s can provide an installation service for wall graphics.

Decal Types

  • Clear Focus (One way vision)
  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Permanent
  • Blockout
  • Translucent

Product Specs

Self Adhesive Vinyls Weight Width Applications
Removable SAV 320 GSM 1370 MM 1 to 2 year SAV
Permanent SAV 320 GSM 1370 MM 3 to 5 year SAV
Clear SAV 320 GSM 1370 MM Window graphics
Easy Dot 300 GSM 1550 MM Removeable repositionable bubble free SAV no need for a specialist installer
Concrete SAV 350 GSM 1370 MM Indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces
Texwalk 385 GSM 1370 MM Indoor floor applications including carpet, tiles, floorboards and concrete
Road SAV (Asphalt Art) 390 GSM 1200 MM Textured outdoor surfaces including asphalt, concrete, pavers and brick walls
Clear Focus (One Way Vision) 320 GSM 1370 MM Window graphics
Phototex 250 GSM 1370 MM Indoor wall graphics
Santex Overlaminate 430 GSM 1370 MM No slip overlaminate for floor graphics
Anti Graffiti Overlaminate 200 GSM 1370 MM Graffiti resistant overlaminate


  • Cut to size

Artwork Specs

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