14 Marketing Displays Made Out Of Fabric

Fabric is a common material used in marketing displays. Some of the advantages of fabric are:

  • Fabric is reusable.
  • Fabric is easy to transport because it is light and can be folded so it takes up minimal space.
  • Fabric can be dye sublimated which produces displays with a greater range of colours.
  • Fabric can also be tensioned which removes the creases and wrinkles.

In this post, we’ll cover 14 marketing displays that are made out of fabric.


1. Fabric Frames

Source: 40 Visuals

Fabric frames offer elegant branding solutions for just about any environment, including retail outlets, offices, exhibitions, and trade shows. Fabric frame banners are printed on a range of crease-resistant fabrics including gloss, matt, backlit polyesters, and are finished with silicon edging. They are easy to install and cost-effective to transport. Learn more about fabric frames.

2. Backlit Signs

Camberwell Electrics, a Selby’s project

Backlit signs have high-resolution luminous imagery that will add a new dimension to your display or advertising capabilities. Perfect for use in a retail outlet, exhibition booths, airports or museums.

3. Fabric Banner Stands

Fabric banner stands are a great alternative to the standard pull up banners. Its aluminium frame makes this stand very durable. The prints can also be double-sided.


4. Media Walls

Media wall is one of the most popular signage in any event. You see them in almost any red carpet events and press conferences. People stand in front of these walls covered with logos to talk to journalists and have their photographs taken while at the same promoting the brands and sponsors of the event. Learn more about media walls.

5. Hanging Banners

Festival of Dangerous Ideas, a Selby’s project

6. Bubble Displays

Sudirman Cup, a Selby’s project

The Bubble Display Stand is a uniquely shaped versatile display solution for indoor and outdoor use. The Bubble is quick and simple to setup weighing only 8 kgs. Its base can also be filled with water for extra stability in adverse weather conditions.

The height of the Bubble makes it perfect for shopping centre displays, point of sale, directional signage, pavement signs, event signage, or any other indoor or outdoor application.

7. Feather Flags

Feather flags are a highly visible, versatile, and effective display solution for indoor and outdoor applications. They are light, compact, and easy to erect. Learn more about feather flags.

Brand Activations

8. Pop Up A Frames

Pop up a frame signs pop up in seconds giving an instant impact. They also fold away in seconds, are very lightweight, and can be staked to the ground. These pop up fabric a frames are available in a variety of formats including vertical and horizontal a frames and tri-panel towers.

9. Portable Counters

The image above shows a fabric banner wrapped around a counter for an activation campaign.

Real Estate

10. Auction flags

Trade Shows

11. Printed Tablecloth

Printed tablecloths are one of the most commonly used promotional displays at a trade show or an exhibition. Our tablecloths are manufactured from 100% polyester using the latest sublimation or direct digital printing methods to produce vibrant full colours and high-resolution images. Learn more about printed tablecloth.

12. Ceiling Signs

The above image shows a fabric banner wrapped around a lightweight frame to create a ceiling sign for an exhibition booth.

13. Tower Displays

VIC Caravan Supershow, a Selby’s project

Tower displays are generally used in an exhibition stand as a focal point. At Selby’s, our tower displays are built with our TRIGA system which allows them to be height adjustable. They can also carry TV screens, shelves, and retail display hooks. Assembly is quick and easy requiring no tools and professional installers.

14. Exhibition Stands

A lot of people don’t realise that the majority of prints used on exhibition stands are made out of fabric. Fabric is a popular material for exhibition stands because they are easy to transport, they are reusable for multiple shows and the colours on a fabric print is more vibrant. Learn more about our exhibition displays.


The displays we covered in this post are:

  1. Fabric frames
  2. Backlit signs
  3. Fabric banner stands
  4. Media walls
  5. Hanging banners
  6. Bubble display stands
  7. Feather flags
  8. Pop up a frames
  9. Portable counters
  10. Auction flags
  11. Printed tablecloths
  12. Ceiling signs
  13. Tower displays
  14. Exhibition stands
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