Corporate Branding Using Display Solutions: 7 Point Of Sale Marketing Tips

As a retailer, grabbing your customer’s attention whilst in the store will not only help you to sell a few last minute products, but it’ll keep your inventory constantly running in order to be able to display new items on a regular basis – keeping products from accumulating on the shelves simply because they’re out of sight. With point of sale marketing strategies ready to go, you’re able to provide a need that customers may never have thought of having.

Thus, when it comes to searching for the latest and greatest point of sale marketing tips for a retail success, keep the following useful guidelines in mind:

1. Make use of incentives.

If you’re able to convince individuals of why they really need your product by simply adding a discount or free product, you’re creating a need to individuals who may not have needed your product in the first place. Remember, a little incentive goes a long way; especially if your product is highly cost-effective and placed in an area with high traffic volumes or consists of individuals waiting around, which brings me to my next point…

2. Take advantage of the checkout aisle.

Have you ever waited in line at the checkout aisle waiting to pay for pre-selected products only to add something else to your cart? We all know what’s waiting for us when wanting to pay for products, yet we tend to fall for the marketing strategy anyway. Why not join the bandwagon? Place your display solutions at the checkout aisle in the hopes of catching last minute sales before customers leave the store.

3. Use it for add-ons.

When choosing effective point of sale marketing strategies, you may want to consider using your display solutions for completing a purchase. In other words, why not add batteries to your point of sale display solution situated right next to electronics? In some instances, a torch won’t work without batteries, thus, you may as well take advantage of the fact that customers are purchasing electronics by ensuring that you offer a secondary product to make their product work – using point of sale display solutions the creative way.

4. Be bold and creative.

Using point of sale display solutions to complete a purchase is one means of being creative, however, you also need to ensure that your design is as creative as the marketing strategy you choose to use it for. Thus, it’s important to find affordable point of sale printing companies in Melbourne who specialise in display solutions for retailers in order to ensure a creative design matching your corporate identity.

5. Trust your own impulses.

Would you purchase the products placed on your point of sale displays? Chances are, if the products placed don’t excite you and evoke interest, no one else will be interested in purchasing those products either. Trust your own judgement. Is your display eye-catching enough? Does it contain products worth making a scene of? If not, it may be time to re-evaluate your point of sale marketing strategy.

6. Evolve on a constant basis.

Never leave the same point of sale displays in the same spots for an extended period of time. You need to ensure that you’re constantly evolving and changing up the look of your store in order to attract new customers – allowing your point of sale marketing strategy to work effectively.

7. Brainstorm with vendors.

Before placing point of sale display solutions in your store, you need to conduct thorough research into what will work and what will result in costly fails. However, it’s best to brainstorm with your vendors since most of the research may already have been conducted by them – saving you time and effort to figure it out. They may have a few placement tips to share. All you need to do is ask.

Creating an effective point of sale marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Remember, corporate branding is all about finding creative means of spreading your vision in order to reach your target audience and perhaps attract new markets. Thus, although print and digital advertising play an important role, you simply can’t beat the effectiveness of point of sale marketing – especially when placing your display solutions in high-traffic areas known to attract customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.

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Tips for Effective Point-of-Purchase Marketing

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