8 Things To Consider Before Buying An Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand is one of the key factors that will determine the level of success you achieve during a tradeshow. You want your exhibition to be attractive enough that it can draw attention and make people stop. During the trade show, you will be competing with the exhibitors for attention, so it needs to stand out. On top of that, it has to stand out for all the right reasons.

So, what are the most important things to consider before buying or hiring an exhibition stand?

    1. Your budget
    2. Ease of assembly
    3. Layout
    4. Durability
    5. Reusability
    6. Lighting
    7. Size
    8. Print quality

1. Your Budget

Every business has a trade show budget. Therefore, making sure that you find the exhibition stand that fits into your overall budget is essential. Today, there is a wide range of stands to choose from. Sure, plenty of them will be out of your price range, so you probably won’t be able to buy the greatest exhibition stand in history. But there are other options that are more modest and, in many ways, more appropriate. Sometimes, finding ways to spend a little more on your stand can pay off if the exhibition helps you make sales later on.

2. Ease of Assembly

Your stand should be pretty easy to put together. The very last thing you want when you arrive at the show or event is the hassle that comes with having to assemble a complicated stand. Always talk to the supplier about how easy and how long will it take to put together before you buy it.

They should be able to give you some advice, or maybe even a demonstration. A stand with fewer parts will be easier and quicker to assemble. Opting for that kind of stand could make the start of your time at the tradeshow or event a little less stressful.

3. Layout

Your staff members are going to be the ones using your exhibition stand the show.

  • Is it accessible?
  • Is it easy to move around and interact with when customers are swarming around it?

These issues are going to be important when you make your decision. You could even take your staff members along or consult them before you make the purchase. If they’re going to be the ones using it, it’s only fair that they get a say in the matter.

4. Durability

The materials that are used to make the exhibition stand will have an impact on how sturdy it is. If you want to avoid any disasters, such as the whole thing falling apart on you, it will need to be strong. Your show will be ruined if the exhibition stand fails you. Again, this is something that you should talk to the supplier about. Discuss all the potential materials that are used in this kind of design. Then you can come to an informed conclusion regarding which option is best for your business.

5. Reusability

Some businesses like to attend lots of tradeshows and events. They go to a few each year. If this is something that your business is interested in doing, your exhibition stand will have to be reusable. If you can only use it once before it becomes useless to you, then you will end up spending a lot of money on stands. Imagine how it much it will cost your business if you have to buy a brand new exhibition stand every time you attend a tradeshow. Ensure you choose a stand that is going to last and be reused.

6. Lighting

Does the exhibition stand come with lighting? This is something that you will have to think about especially if you are showcasing a new product in your booth. Lighting allows you to focus attention on your product. If the stand doesn’t come with lighting, you will need to make your own lighting arrangements to accompany the exhibition.

7. Size

The size of your exhibition stand should be thought about very carefully indeed. For a start, you will need to ensure that it complies with the rules of the tradeshow or event you’re attending. If it’s too big, you will have problems when you get there. Talk to the organisers of the event and make sure that you don’t fall foul of their rules. At the same time, you don’t want the stand to be too small either. It’s much easier for people to ignore and pass by a stand if it’s small. People will automatically gravitate towards the kinds of stands that are large and attention-grabbing.

8. Print Quality

Most exhibition stands will have things printed on them. It could be your brand name, logo or images. Usually, it’s a combination of the three. You need to be sure that the print quality of your stand is top of the range. If it’s blurred or printed in a shoddy way, it will ruin your message and people won’t know what your stand or business has to offer. That could be a real disaster for your business, so don’t let it happen. Instead, the printing should be sharp, precise and crystal clear.

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