How Tall Should Your Advertising Flag Be

Flags can be a brilliant way to promote your business or event, and they can even add a little curb appeal to your office, building or any other commercial property.

Flags are useful as marketing displays because they are great at catching attention. Their erratic movements as they blow in the wind draw the eyes of passersby on the road and on the street. If you want a steady stream of foot traffic for your business or event put up some flags. You’ll soon see an increase in demand. But before you do, you need to think about their height and visibility because they won’t be useful at all if your prospects can’t see them.

1. Distance At Which A Flag Is Viewable

The good news is that the human eye is quite remarkable. With an undisturbed view, you can see the surface of the earth for 5 km. That essentially, means that someone would need to be over 5 km not to see your flag. However, people-scale objects are recognisable from a distance of roughly 3.2 km. This means that if the object was over 3.2 km away, humans would see the flag but they wouldn’t know what it was. They also would certainly not be able to ready any text on the flag.

2. Optimum Flag Pole Height For Viewability

If your flagpole is two metres high, which is short, it can be seen by individuals approximately 1 km away if the ground between them and the flag is flat. Most commercial flags are put on flag poles that are roughly 12 metres high. Usually, this is because they want to attract roader users or passers by that could be anything up to a couple of miles away. But the optimum height for visibility would be a little different.

Looking at it simplistically, we could say that the optimum height of a flag for a customer ten metres away would about 3 metres. At this height it would virtually be directly in front of them. This is why at an event, flags tend to be quite close to ground height with teardrop designs or banners within the venue. Outside the venue, the optimum height would likely be 12 to 14 feet. With this height, people would be able to see the flag 3.2 km away.

3. Flag Size

The flag size will actually be determined by the height of your pole. For 6m flag poles, the recommended flag size is 90cm by 150cm. For 7m to 10m flag pole, the recommended size is 150cm x 240cm. A good rule of thumb is the length of the flag should be a quarter of the flag pole.

4. Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations to make when choosing the height of your flag pole to maximise visibility. The first is any obtrusions. For instance, there might be trees around your location. So, you’ll need to ensure your flagpole is higher than the tree line for customers to see it.

Wind is an issue too. The higher up your flag, the more at risk it is of being damaged. But if it’s too low, it won’t blow at all. This is another reason why most businesses opt for a height of 12m.

Finally, consider the matter of readability. If you want people to be able to read what’s on the flag, the max distance they can be for a flag that has 3 inch lettering is 100 feet.

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