Floor Decals and Graphics


  • Non-slip finish.
  • Many substrates to choose from to suit different needs.
  • Suitable to be used in both indoors and outdoors.
  • Full on-site installation service provided.

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Concrete SAV (350 GSM)
Indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces. Conformable to rough surfaces.

Texwalk (385 GSM)
Indoor floor applications including carpet, tiles, floorboards and concrete. Non-slip. No overlaminate required.

Road SAV (390 GSM)
Textured outdoor surfaces including road, asphalt, concrete, pavers and brick walls. Non-slip.

Non Slip Certification

Australian / New Zealand Standards 4586:2004 non slip approved R11
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Artwork Specs

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Print Process


Direct printing is where a dye is used to add color directly to fabric.

UV curable

Screen printing uses a template with gaps in it for the design, which is burned onto a screen with an exposure light. Ink is pushed into the pattern, leaving color on the fabric.


One of the newest methods is digital fabric printing, done with ink jet technology. The fabric is fed through a printer, which applies the design through thousands of tiny ink drops.

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At Selby's our reputation is built on reliability and trust. We take pride in our commitment to delivering on our promises, while our extensive in-house production facilities enable us to deliver on time, every time, and offer fast turn-around when it’s needed most. Our unparalleled service is backed by the ‘Selby’s Worry-Free Guarantee’ of complete customer satisfaction.

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Although Selby’s strives to produce all work to the highest possible standard, if your job is not manufactured to a commercially acceptable standard and a superior result is potentially achievable, we will reprint the job at no additional cost.

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If for any reason we are unable to meet your critical agreed deadline, a full credit, including freight costs, will be applied on return of the goods. Alternatively, should you need to reuse the products we will negotiate a discount to compensate your loss.

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Time permitting, if your order is lost or damaged in transit, we will reprint and resend it at our expense.

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