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4 Signage Retailers Can Use To Increase Store Traffic

The Australian retail industry is going through a very rough time because of eCommerce. Today, with Shopify and Alibaba it is so easy to setup your own eCommerce, source a product and start selling. Existing retailers such as Myers, David Jones, Harvey Norman and Target are feeling the pinch and have been closing down stores.

On top of that, there is Amazon slowly ramping up in Australia.

One advantage that retailers have over their eCommerce counterparts is having a physical location to attract customers. Getting traffic to an eCommerce store is very competitive. You are competing with retailers not only in your own country by in other countries too.

To a retail store, foot traffic is critical to its survival. Without foot traffic, there is very little reason for a store to exist. Plus, the ongoing cost is much higher than an eCommerce store. You have rent, electricity, staff costs, inventories and more. An eCommerce store can survive solely based on hosting alone.

Here are four signage retailers can use to increase their store traffic.

Feather flags

Feather flags are a popular signage among retailers. These flags have also become increasingly popular among car dealerships. This is because feather flags are portable, easy to setup, affordable, can be used outdoors and most importantly grabs attention. The flag can be up to 4.7m high.

Here is an image to compare the size of a feather flag to a normal person.

Learn more about feather flags here.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are an excellent way to promote your retail store because the banner can be as big as you want.

One key advantage of vinyl banners is they are more durable for outdoor use. The print lasts longer and doesn’t fade as quick compared to a fabric banner. Vinyl banners can also be printed double-sided to capture more attention. Read more about the difference between fabric vs vinyl banners.

Here are some vinyl banner images.

Learn more about vinyl banners.

Window decals

Windows decals are a great way to utilise prime positions in retail stores. These decals can be applied externally or internally using products such as Clear Focus (one-way vision that provides a clear view from the inside with stunning images outside), clear self-adhesive for a transparent look or white self-adhesive vinyl.

Here are some window decal images.

Learn more about window decals.

Rigid boards

Rigid boards are an excellent retail signage because you can die cut them into any shape you want.

For example, you can create standees with them, bollard covers or a lifesize cut out of your product like what Tobasco did.

Here are some images of signage made out of rigid boards.


The four retail signage we covered in this post are:

  1. Feather flags
  2. Vinyl banners
  3. Window decals
  4. Rigid boards

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