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5 Uses Of Backlit Signs

Retail Storefront

Retail is the most common environment where backlit signs are used. The purpose of a retail storefront is to attract attention to the business and its products and one of the best ways to do that is by using backlit signs. One of the most common backlit signs used in a retail storefront is a freestanding fabric frame.

Retail Wall

The retail industry has been under immense pressure from the likes of Amazon and other eCommerce stores. The retail brands who are thriving are those who have good store experiences. One method to improve that is by lighting up your stores with backlit signs.

Backlit signs also give retail stores a premium look to it compared to sticking paper posters all over the store.

Exhibition Stand Walls

Exhibition stands have also been riding the backlit trend. Backlit signs are used in trade shows to grab the attendees’ attention while at the same time giving the stand a modern feel to it. Exhibition stands can incorporate backlit walls, freestanding backlit signs and also backlit counters. At Selby’s, we offer a portable backlit counter called the Wavelight Counter.

Pop Up Stores

Pop up stores are small temporary retail stores in shopping centres. These stores are a low-cost way to test the viability of a new product or new location. A pop up store can be complicated like the Amazon one shown above or it can be as simple as a pop up display paired with a counter. More pop up stores are incorporating backlit signs in their stores.


Other than retail and trade shows, backlit signs can also be used to brighten up the atmosphere of an event. The backlit signs shown in the image above are our new Wavelight Towers.

Work with us on your next backlit signage project.

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