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8 Event Signage Ideas To Improve The Attendee Experience

Entrance signage

Everyone loves to be welcomed and the best way to do that is with an entrance signage. It gets attendees excited as they walk towards the entrance and it gives them the “I have arrived” feeling.

Stair wraps

Decals are adhered to the stairs to create a message or an image. Stair wraps are mostly used to assist guests with directions or provide exposure to sponsors.

Barrier covers

For larger events, crowd control barricades are hired to funnel traffic to a certain location such as the entrance or ticketing booth. These barricades come unbranded with no covers or signage on it. This presents an opportunity to add covers and brand the barricade with the event logo.

This will also improve the professionalism of an event.

Here is an example of two events – One with branding and one without.

Natural landscape design

Dreamforce is one of the largest B2B conferences in the world. Their event consists of both an indoor and outdoor area. For their indoor area, they went with a campground theme which gives it an outdoor feel to it.

The image above is their entrance signage. It looks like it is made out of wood but it is not. It is actually a rigid board printed with wood design.

Here is another example of a TRIGA wall we did for a client. It looks like a huge wooden wall but it is actually printed on fabric.

Hanging banners

Using hanging banners are a good way to make use of the ceiling. These hanging banners can be used to provide directions, label sections in your event and provide exposure to sponsors.

Step and repeat walls

A step and repeat wall is a backdrop with repeating sponsors’ logos. These walls are often used in red carpet events and are used as photography backdrops. These walls also tend to receive a lot of media exposure and social media shares and hashtags which indirectly promotes both the event and their sponsors.

Directional signs

The larger the event, the more important directional signs are. You don’t want your guests to wander around your event lost and not experiencing your event to its fullest.

Directional signs don’t necessarily have to mean pointing arrows to an area. It could also mean labelling areas or sections in your event such as the merchandise store, cafe, main stage, concierge desk, etc.

Floor graphics

The floor is generally the most unsued space of an event. Event organisers would brand the walls, pillars and structures but generally leave the floor unbranded. Event organisers can utilise floor graphics as directional signs to assist with the traffic flow. These floor graphics also can be utilised as another sponsorship opportunity for the event.


The event signage ideas covered in this post are:

  • Entrance signage
  • Stair wraps
  • Barrier covers
  • Natural landscape design
  • Hanging banners
  • Step and repeat walls
  • Directional signs
  • Floor graphics

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