Corflute Signs 101

If you want good quality signage that’s easy to carry, quick to install and won’t put a big dent in your marketing and advertising budget, you can’t overlook this versatile and economical product.

What’s so special about Corflute?

The Corflute signage substrate is one of the most popular signage materials around – and with good reason! Here are a few of Corflute’s features that make it a hit both with us and our customers:

  • It’s ideal for outdoor use as it’s waterproof and durable
  • It comes in a range of thicknesses for different needs
  • It can be punched and eyelets added to allow for attachment to poles, fences or barricades
  • It can be form cut to any size and shape
  • It can be easily scored and folded to make funky constructions
  • It’s very easy to install as it’s so lightweight
  • It’s perfect for both direct screen or hi-resolution digital printing
  • It can be printed back and front to make a double-sided sign
  • It’s quick to produce. We can give you next day turnaround for urgent jobs
  • It’s economical, so it’s great for bulk signage requirements

Corflute is ideal for all your temporary signage needs

Because this popular signage material is not only cost-effective but also flexible and robust, it has a hundred and one uses. You’ll find it popping up in all kinds of places:

  • Event signage — Corflute makes excellent signage for events big and small. You’ll have seen these bright and sturdy outdoor signs at high profile events like the Sydney City2Surf, Ironman triathlon, Good Food Month, Mother’s Day Classic fun run, and Run Melbourne to name a few.
  • Directional signage — point the way with bright, stand out Corflute signs.
  • Trade show displays — it’s a light, transportable and inexpensive way to make your trade show display stand shine.
  • In-store promotions — top quality printing directly onto Corflute makes it perfect for advertising signage.

And when there’s an election in the air, you’ll find Corflute behind many of the political signs that publicise the parties and candidates.

Where to go for more help and advice

Like to know more? We have lots of experience producing top quality Corflute signs for all kinds of businesses and events. Even if you’re not sure if Corflute signs is the display solution you’re looking for, why not give us a call toll-free on 1800 241 066. Our friendly advice is always free and we’re happy to give a helping hand!

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