6 Things To Know Before Buying A Pop Up Display

Are you considering purchasing a pop up display for an upcoming trade show, press conference or a corporate event? These portable displays are fantastic for marketing your business or event at tradeshows and exhibitions.

One of the reasons why these are so popular is they are very easy to assemble and disassemble. You wouldn’t need an instruction sheet to know how to set one of these up. These displays are also very cost-effective especially if you plan on using them at a number of events throughout the year.

There are some questions that you should ask before you commit to the purchase of a pop up display.

The top 6 things to consider are:

  1. How big do you want your pop up display to be?
  2. Do you want wrapped or non-wrapped ends?
  3. What is the material of the pop up frame?
  4. Are there any warranties on the pop up frame?
  5. Are the clips made out of plastic or steel?
  6. The graphic

1. How big do you want your display to be

You should choose the size of the display based on the venue that you’ll be using it in. If you are planning to use your display at a venue that holds thousands of people, you’ll need it to be quite large. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the attention that you deserve. Don’t forget that at business exhibitions there will be countless businesses vying for the same investor’s attention. You don’t want your display to be lost in the crowd.

At Selby’s, we have 5 different widths – 1.5m, 2.25m, 3m, 3.75m and 4.5m. The height for all the sizes is the same at 2.25m.

If you are using the pop up display as a media wall, you’d want to go for a wider pop up display.

If you are using it as a trade show booth, choose the size based on the size of your booth space. For example, a 3m wide display would suit a 3×3 booth.

2. Do you want wrapped or non-wrapped ends

If your display has wrapped ends, this simply means that the image or print curls around the side of the display. This is mainly a stylistic choice. The difference is that with wrapped ends your display will be a little more three dimensional. This can make it stand out more and is also useful if it is in an open space rather than against a wall.

3. What is the material of the pop up frame

The material of the frame is the next thing to consider. Some suppliers supply a frame made out of plastic which won’t last as long as an aluminium frame. At Selby’s, our pop up display frames are made out of aluminium.

Even if you are not buying your pop up display from us, we’d recommend an aluminium frame because you’d be able to keep reusing your pop up display for a very long time. If you are looking to use it for a completely different event,  all you need to do is just replace the print.

4. Are there any warranties on the pop up frame

You may not know this, but exhibitions and tradeshows can be quite rough places. There will be plenty of people bustling about, and it’s easy for a display to get damaged. That’s why you want to make sure you have a warrant on your popup display that covers this type of issue. Especially if you plan on using it more than once.

5.Is it plastic or steel clip ons

Most companies use plastic clips to hold the frame up because it is cheaper for them. At Selby’s, our clips are made out of steel which is far more durable than plastic and holds your frame more firmly. With plastic clips, a little pressure in the wrong way may break the clip which holds the frame together.

6. Artwork design

Finally, you need to consider what design you will be using on the display. Do you want to opt for the standard step and repeat background like most red carpet events or do you want something more custom?

The thing to consider here is the cost to design your graphic. If you don’t have your graphic designed, you can hire your printing company to do it for you but the cost varies widely. A step and repeat graphic will be much cheaper to design than having a custom-designed graphic like the one shown above.


To recap:

  1. How big do you want your pop up display to be?
  2. Do you want wrapped or non-wrapped ends?
  3. What is the material of the pop up frame?
  4. Are there any warranties on the pop up frame?
  5. Do they use plastic or steel clip-ons?
  6. What type of design are you looking at?

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