5 Things To Know Before Buying A Pop Up Marquee

A pop up marquee can be a brilliant piece of advertisement display for business owners or anyone running an event. With a marquee, you will have an area that provides shelter from the elements and catches the eye of potential customers in a crowded area.

Pop up marquees are brilliant because they are easy to setup and can be taken down fairly quickly. This makes them perfect for outdoor events such as sporting events.

However, there are a few things that you should check before you commit to purchasing a pop up marquee.

1. How big is the marquee

You need to think about how large the marquee you’re buying is. It needs to be big enough for your intended purpose. For instance, if your marquee is being used to attract interest from customers, you need to think about the height. Is it tall enough to tower over other marketing materials that other people might be using?

Most pop up marquees come in a wide range of different sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options here to suit your purpose. The area will be important as well. Particularly, if you are purchasing a marquee that is being used for a large crowd of people. Think about the size of your target audience as well as the function of your marquee.

2. How easy is it to setup

As we mentioned, one of the main purposes of a pop up marquee is that they should be easy to setup. However, some will take a little more time, and this usually relates to their size as well as how their frame was built.

A reputable marquee seller will be able to provide a rough estimate of how long their marquee takes to set up. This will be useful if you are planning to use your marquee several times a year.

3. Do you want to add walls

Does your chosen marquee have walls and do you need it to? If you are purchasing a marquee for an indoor exhibition, you might want it to be open on all sides. This will allow people to visit your marquee from all directions. However, if you’re buying a marquee for outdoor use, you may want walls to protect people from the elements. Some marquees have roll up walls that can be rolled up or put down depending on the weather.

4. Any added accessories

Do you want to add other accessories to your marquee such as additional marketing materials like a feather flag mounted onto the sides of the marquee or an a frame sign to complement your marquee?

5. Do you want it to be printed

You may also want to look into the possibility of getting a marquee with custom printed graphics. Custom marquees with printed displays for marketing are available and could be the perfect way to promote your company or event. You can even get a marquee with the logos of your sponsors on top.


To recap:

  1. How big do you want your pop up marquee to be?
  2. How easy is it to setup?
  3. Do you want to add walls to your marquee?
  4. Do you want any accessories to go with it?
  5. Do you want it to be printed?

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