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About Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can be printed either single or double-sided onto a variety of substrates including blockout vinyl, mesh vinyl and backlit vinyl. The choice of vinyl, as well as the method of finishing is determined by how the vinyl banner is being used. Vinyl banner finishes include ropes and eyelets, sleeves, kedar to suit sailtrack and anti-graffiti coating can be applied where vandalism could be a problem.

In certain situations, using the incorrect vinyl or finishing method may reduce the lifespan of the banner, therefore it is important to know where and how your banner is being used in order to achieve the best result. With over 25 years’ experience, Selby’s can ensure that your vinyl banners are produced correctly and to the highest standard.

  • Unlimited size options.
  • Full installation service.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Unlimited quantities.

Product Specs


Vinyl Weight Width Applications
Banner vinyl 440 GSM 3200 MM Single sided banners
Banner vinyl 510 GSM 3200 MM High-quality non-curl PVC for display products
Blockout banner vinyl 600 GSM 3200 MM Indoor or outdoor double sided banners
Blockout banner vinyl 440 GSM 3200 MM Double sided internal banners
Mesh vinyl 270 GSM 3200 MM Fence and scaffolding banners which reduces wind loading
Backlit vinyl 510 GSM 3200 MM Lightboxes


  • Hook and loop
  • Webbing and eyelets
  • Sleeve top and bottom
  • Aluminium hanging rail
  • Kedar to suit sail track
  • Rope and eyelet
  • Wind holes

We’ll be able to assist you with the most suitable finishing option for your project.


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Do you have standard sizes?

All our Vinyl Banners are custom made and can be manufactured to any size required.

How long will my Vinyl Banner last outdoors?

Vinyl Banners can last many years outdoor in the right conditions and when installed correctly (really tight with no movement). If the Vinyl Banner can flap at all, over time it will deteriorate. If it is tight, it will last for a number of years.

Can you recycle my Vinyl banner?

There is currently no financially viable recycling techinque for Vinyl Banners. However, Vinyl Banners can be upcycled and turned into bags or other products rather than going to landfill.

How big can you print my Vinyl Banner?

Vinyl Banners can be produced in very large sizes by joining them together in strips. Our machines print 3200mm wide x 45m long (a standard roll). For larger banners, they would have a welded join, which is virtually invisible.

What is the best way to attach a Vinyl Banner to a wall?

Rope track and kedar edging.

Can you add anti-graffiti coating?


Are windholes necessary if using the banner outdoor?

If you are using your Vinyl Banner in a windy area, we recommend using mesh vinyl stock to allow wind to pass through. This is more effective than cutting wind holes.

Can you do wind holes?


Can you print double sided?

Yes, on blockout vinyl.

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