Artwork Specs

File Format Required

All artworks is to be supplied as a print-ready .pdf with the following specifications*:

  • Art to be set up using the Selbys supplied product template, or where no template is available, add 50mm bleed on all sides.
  • Product templates are supplied at 10% of final size. Please do not adjust or resize the template.
  • The required resolution for art set up at 10% is 900dpi.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • Do not have any elements in the artwork overprinting.
  • Embed all images before creating the pdf.
  • Delete all template lines and guides before creating the pdf.
  • Multi-pages proofs will not be accepted. Art must be saved as a single paged pdf for each design.
  • PDF to be created in CMYK colour space mode (not RGB).
  • Where possible, use Pantone Solid Coated colours in the art and particularly in logos for more accurate colour matching.
  • Pantone colours to be supplied as spot colours in art (do not change to CMYK).

* Please note that extra charges may be incurred if artwork cannot be supplied as per the above specifications.

Download a printable version of the Selby’s Artwork Specifications here.